I built simple socialite because I wanted to be a better friend to the people I care about. It is my social brain.

The slow drip of thoughtful things you can do during the course of a day, a week or a month is the key to let the people around you know you’ve thought of them and you care about them. It slowly transforms you into the social person you’ve always wanted to be – the person that builds quality relationships that last.


Want to have a servicedesk set up with just a few clicks, and have it meet all your needs without getting stuck in complex business flows?

We got you covered.

Simple servicedesk was created for freelancers and professionals who want to provide a stellar customer experience and not be bothered with the technical details.

uptime monitor

Simple monitor could monitor your websites. It could also monitor the loading speed, quality and security of your api’s and web applications.

But what it really wants to do, is give you peace of mind. Go on, try it. Monitoring is where it starts, the rest will come naturally.

simple security

It’s simply mindboggling how easy it still is to find vulnerable webservers in the wild. Simple security toolchain is an automated security toolchain which performs a complete reconnaissance check on your infrastructure and alerts you and your IT party with any findings.

It was built to use and extend the discovery project. If you have time and/or technical accument you should check it out.